A leading development company

Surga Central ® is a product of Adept Business Systems, a leading software development company. Founded over 25 years ago in Australia, Adept has a strong background in database technologies and providing cutting-edge solutions for the commercial real estate industry.  Our commitment to Research & Development and customer engagement ensures that Surga Central exceeds market requirements and remains as the solution of choice for commercial agencies. Cloud-based applications, mobility and new approaches to digital marketing allow us to offer our customers a competitive advantage in an ever-changing business climate.

Steve Clark

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Clark has an accomplished track record in the international software industry. He is best known as the founding Managing Director of Oracle Australia and the founding Vice President of Oracle Asia-Pacific. At Oracle, he achieved the award of Most Valuable Player in the International Division. As well as Asia–Pacific, Steve has management experience in the Americas and EMEA.

Mike Bermeister

Chief Operating Officer

As Finance Director, Mike Bermeister was a key member of the management team that built Oracle in Australia and Asia. Under his tutelage, the Australian subsidiary developed the highest reputation for astute cash management and other practices fundamental to fuel fast business growth. More recently, he served as Company Secretary of Talent2 International – one of the region's most successful HR service businesses.

Andrew Killen

Director of Sales

Andrew Killen was a founding member of Oracle Australia's management team and instrumental in driving spectacular growth thereafter in Australia and Asia. As Vice President of Oracle University Asia–Pacific, he was responsible for a team of over 400 people assisting clients with accelerated adoption of Oracle's products in the Asia–Pacific region.

Steve Oades

Chief Designer of Surga Central

Steve Oades has been designing software applications at Adept for over 15 years. He designed and managed development of Adept’s first-generation product for commercial property sales and leasing and has extensive domain knowledge of commercial real estate.