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Surga Central 2.8 Widens the Portal Choice for Commercial Real Estate Agencies

Adept Business Systems today announced the release of Version 2.8 of Surga Central – Adept’s cloud-based platform for commercial real estate. Highlights of the new version include a facility for editing property photos and capturing and reporting on the source of commercial property listings. As well as uploading listings to property portals operated by REA Group, Fairfax and All Homes, agents can also now automatically upload Surga Central property listings to REIV’s CommercialView portal.

“Version 2.8 of Surga Central makes it easier to manage and operate a commercial real estate agency, especially for those conducting property management as well as selling and leasing,” said Steve Clark, CEO of Adept Business Systems. “The listing source feature gives managers greater insight into the origin of their stock for sale and lease and allows those with active property management divisions to monitor the flow of listings sourced from property managers,” said Clark. Other features include a powerful notes reporting facility allowing agents to quickly track sales interaction with a client at either a company or individual contact level. This helps to improve team understanding of the status of an account and thereby assists in delivery of an improved level of customer service.

When commercial listings are entered, administrators or agents can upload property photos to the cloud and then further edit them in Surga Central by cropping the image or converting a landscape or portrait photo to a square image. A marketing slogan can also be captured at the point of activation for use when the listing is uploaded to property portals or the agency website.

“When it comes to commercial portals, we still see REA’s realcommercial portal as the clear overall national leader in Australia, with Fairfax in second position,” said Clark. “That said, there are regional variations in the popularity of portals. For example, All Homes is a popular choice in the ACT as is CommercialView in Victoria,” he added. “All four portals are now supported by Surga Central, offering a wide choice for commercial brokerages wanting maximum web exposure.”

Version 2.8 of Surga Central is immediately available to subscribers of Surga Central and is the third major release of the Surga Central platform during 2013.