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Surga Central offers new approach to property email marketing

Adept Business Systems has released version 3.0 of Surga Central – a vertical cloud-based software solution for marketing commercial real estate. The 3.0 version features a new approach to email marketing with a comprehensive email marketing module deeply integrated into the CRM.

Commercial real estate agencies have embraced digital marketing platforms, but commonly use a different system to store contact requirements from that used for email campaigns. As digital marketing strategies evolve, agencies not only want to produce good looking email newsletters, but also ensure that relevant information is emailed by using CRM segmentation to create highly granular email campaigns that match the property requirements of the campaign subscribers.

Sue Conridge, Agency Coordinator at Chesterton International – one of Brisbane’s largest commercial real estate agencies – commented:

‘One of the most eagerly awaited features of the new Surga Central release for us is the inclusion of the Email Marketing Module which integrates completely with listings and contacts in the system to produce professional looking HTML e-Marketing documents.’

‘The ability to track the success of our e-Marketing campaigns, through the analytics feature, as well as the addition of the automated ‘unsubscribe’ feature are key features that take Surga to a new level for us,’ said Conridge.

Surga Central’s Email Marketing Module ships with a series of HTML templates that can be populated with property listings or sales results by simple drag and drop. In addition to automated unsubscribe, the module also provides powerful search facilities that enable marketing staff to locate and unsubscribe all contacts at a particular company.

Also included is an analytics feature to allow agencies to measure the effectiveness of a campaign and identify the subscribers who open it, click for further information or unsubscribe. ‘Integration between the CRM and the email marketing platform is the key to digital success,’ said Gary Clark, Surga Central Product Manager. ‘Not only does this save time for the agent who sends the email, but it also maximises the likelihood of a recipient receiving something in which they are interested,’ he added.