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Surga Central introduces virtual data room and expanded role for real estate stacking plans

Adept Business Systems has released version 3.1 of Surga Central – a vertical SaaS software solution for marketing and sales of commercial real estate. Using Surga Central, commercial agencies can now email property brochures that give enquirers the ability to immediately access property-related documents held in a virtual data room or a website. In addition, Surga Central has delivered a new form of viewing occupancy at industrial parks and retail centres via the mechanism of an expanded stacking plan.

“When considering commercial property for lease or purchase, enquirers often need instant access to information such as floor plans, contractual terms or an Information Memorandum,” said Gary Clark, Surga Central Product Manager. “Rather than waiting for an agent or administrator to service the request, enquirers can now self-serve directly from the PDF brochure to access documents held in a virtual data room or a website,” added Clark.

Surga Central’s interactive stacking plans have proved a popular way of viewing occupancy at multi-storey buildings such as high rise offices. Now, Version 3.1 extends this capability beyond office buildings to single-storey sites, such as industrial parks or retail centres. Using Surga Central’s Expanded View Stacking Plans, a property agent can easily reveal details of occupancy to prospective tenants or investors using an interactive tool available on desktop browsers or an iPad.

Other features of Version 3.1 include a personalised homepage, streamlined processing of partial leases and property photos plus faster entry of contact details.