Future-proof your website, stay informed and impress your customers

Combining your Surga Central package with an integrated website gives you a competitive advantage like no other. You will be equipped with valuable data to learn more about your customers and make informed, strategic decisions.

Publish featured listings, capture property analytics and understand how visitors interact with your website - all within Surga Central. Identify and report the most popular listings and areas viewed.

Compelling design themes

  • Your choice of affordable templates
  • Custom-built designs available
  • Optimised for mobile devices including smartphones and tablets

Surga-integrated websites are built to impress using the next-generation ‘responsive’ method. This means visitors get the best possible viewing experience on any device – from today’s world or tomorrow’s.

Levante template

  • Elevate your brand with a classic, elegant look
  • Full integration with Surga Central
  • Ideal for agencies with a commercial or retail focus

Sirocco template

  • A modern, fresh and clean style to stand out from the crowd
  • Full integration with Surga Central
  • Ideal for agencies with an industrial, retail or commercial focus