Build and Manage Stronger Client Relationships.

Sophisticated CRM and Profiling 

Manage important clients the way you want to and deliver a better customer experience.

Easily manage your contacts and target them with personalized marketing efforts using Surga Central. Create customized profile groups and segment your contacts based on their needs, such as VIP owners, commercial tenants, or buyers. Search for multiple contact profiles and send properties relevant to their interests.

Stay connected with the most important stakeholders in your business and improve teamwork by tracking all communication in one central location. With Surga Central, you can easily access and manage contact information and history, streamlining your communication efforts and building stronger relationships with your clients.

GDPR Compliance 

Consent provided? No more question marks. 

Stay compliant with GDPR regulations and easily capture contact consent with Surga Central. Our software provides a clear and auditable trail of consent, giving you peace of mind knowing that you are always on the right side of the law.

Our intelligent communication preferences feature ensures that your messages are always delivered the correct way, and you never have to worry about sending them to the wrong people. Surga Central's advanced communication management tools allow you to stay in control of your communications and ensure they are always delivered in a compliant manner.

Store Requirements and Match to Properties 

Satisfy buyer and tenant requirements with precision, speed and quality

Improve interaction with prospective buyers, tenants and investors by servicing their requirements in as much detail as possible.

✔ Lease
✔ Office
✔ 1,000 – 1,500 sqft
✔ Air-conditioning
✔ Bike racks
✔ High speed internet
✔ Near Liverpool Street Station

Find the most suitable properties with ease, confidence and improve conversation rates.

Receive automatic match alerts to encourage ongoing communication with prospects and ensure you never miss a sales or leasing opportunity.


"Surga Central provides our team with a user-friendly solution for servicing the needs of clients, purchasers and tenants.

The automatic match function means we can deliver a highly targeted approach to applicants and send property details with speed and accuracy."


Rob Russell, Russell Property Consultants

Enquiry Management & Reporting

Identify trends, assess marketing impact and improve owner engagement.

Surga Central allows you to manage property enquiries, rate enquirers, track enquiry actions and report to landlords and owners. Let us help your business deliver a better service to key stakeholders.

Produce a selection of enquiry reports with one click and share information including prospect feedback and details of who has performed a viewing and who has made an offer.

Opportunity Management 

Build activity pipelines and manage sales opportunities. 

Opportunities will keep you in control of potential sources of income to your agency including listings, property management and valuations.

Create your own pipeline reports, monitor progress and prioritise the most valuable opportunities to your business.