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Stirling Shaw powers ahead with Surga Central and wins Best Start-up Award

Thursday 28 October 2021
Adept is pleased to announce that Stirling Shaw Commercial Property Consultants have been awarded with the ‘Best Start-up Award’ at Richmond Business Awards 2020, held in September this year.
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Surga Central Improves Owner Engagement

Wednesday 18 August 2021
Adept Business Systems has published an update to Surga Central that supports improved engagement between commercial property agents and owners.
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Commercial Property Agents Get Speedy with Surga Go App

Saturday 31 July 2021
Adept Business Systems Pty Ltd has launched Surga Go, an app for commercial real estate agents, brokers and surveyors.
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5 Tips Video - Improve Your Commercial Property Marketing

Thursday 22 October 2020
In the digital age, you need to be mindful of how your prospective buyers and tenants consume property marketing. Here are 5 tips to help get you started with a successful strategy towards marketing.
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July 2020 Report - Commercial Real Estate Enquiries During the Pandemic

Monday 20 July 2020
How have commercial real estate enquiries changed during the COVID-19 pandemic? We've analysed thousands of enquiries submitted to Australia's leading CRE portal, Real Commercial.
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Commercial Real Estate and the Pandemic

Monday 06 April 2020
The Covid-19 pandemic has left us all questioning how the situation will unfold and for how long. Read our predictions on what's to come next.
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