Introducing New Enhanced Dashboards with Surga Central: Your data, your dashboards

Tuesday 28 May 2024

For commercial real estate agents, success hinges on the ability to navigate a competitive market with precision and insight. That's why we're thrilled to announce the launch of our advanced Surga Central Dashboards, specifically designed to provide high-level property listing and deal analytics for commercial real estate professionals. 🌟

The benefits of having access to CRM data in Dashboard formats are paramount for agencies; providing managers with performance analysis capabilities for the business, as well as property metrics and market trends for agents to utilise and communicate to clients.

Steve Clark, Surga Central CEO says, "As an agent, the good thing about these new dashboards is that you can quickly identify how you are tracking. You can view your current property stock and see how it breaks down."


Stay ahead with property metrics and market trends.


🔍 For example with our Listings Dashboard, if you look at your office stock you can quickly see what area size range you have the most stock in and question - Is it surplus to demand or is there a need for more stock in that popular size? Do you need to find more industrial stock or do you have too much and subsequently not enough interest? What is the average days-on-market for office vs retail listings? Have you got more conjunctional listings than exclusive ones and need to up your sales pitch game? Track your pipeline and more! 🏢

Steve continues, "As a manager, one of the things you need to be able to do is focus your time on areas that need attention and quickly identify who is performing versus which agents may need help. The good thing with dashboards is that not only can you see an overview of the entire business with aggregated data, but also narrow down to a particular team or even agent activity stats for 1-on-1 meetings."


Track agent performance using leaderboards.


📈 You can use the Deals Dashboard to evaluate how your agents are tracking against their individual and team budgets year to date. Do you need to increase the budgets of your top performers? Do some agents need to jump on more conjunctional listings to increase their fee potential? Are you on par with revenue objectives and solidifying your agency as a market leader? Foster a culture of accountability and excellence.🏅


Review how your agency is performing against your year-to-date budget.


Gone are the days of sifting through endless spreadsheets and reports. In the competitive and ever-evolving world of commercial real estate, the path to success is paved with automated and data-driven insights. Our Dashboards give you the visual information you need right at your fingertips.

Leverage our platform to access parameters for market research, vacancy rates, property trends, and more. Make informed decisions based on your data insights, and stay one step ahead of your competition.

For more information, contact us at for a demonstration. 📧