Stirling Shaw powers ahead with Surga Central and wins Best Start-up Award

Thursday 28 October 2021

Adept is pleased to announce that Stirling Shaw Commercial Property Consultants have been awarded with the ‘Best Start-up Award’ at Richmond Business Awards 2020, held in September this year.

Founded in 2020 by commercial property veteran Andy Shaw, Stirling Shaw is a niche property practice based in Richmond-upon-Thames, London. The company specialises in bespoke commercial real estate services across London’s South-West including commercial agency, acquisitions, investment and development, lease renewals and valuations.

Stirling Shaw implemented Surga Central and a Surga-powered website upon its launch to maximise commercial agency performance, manage operations and improve service delivery to owners. Managing Director Andy Shaw stated, “Adopting the right technology was critical to help us perform to the highest standard. Surga Central has enabled us to scale at the speed we need to; we can produce high quality marketing in seconds and take a highly targeted approach to how we communicate with the market. The software’s powerful suite of features fits extremely well with the bespoke approach that our clients value.”

For more information on Stirling Shaw, please visit: