Surga Central Introduces Intelligent Enquiry Response

Tuesday 23 May 2023

Surga Central, a leading commercial PropTech platform, has unveiled an innovative solution for automated enquiry response. This new feature enables commercial agencies to automate their response to listing enquiries in a way that closely resembles human interaction.

Traditional response systems often reveal their machine-driven nature," said Steve Clark, CEO of Adept. "In today's real estate landscape, the majority of commercial enquiries are submitted at times when human responses are not expected. Surga Central has developed an intelligent response mechanism that can mimic an agent's behaviour and provide tailored content highlighting the specific benefits of the underlying listing."

The system is designed to handle responses intelligently, even in cases where commercial buildings have both sale and lease listings. For instance, it can effectively respond to enquiries for sites offered for sale to investors while simultaneously advertising space for lease. Agents also have the option to manually handle enquiries for sensitive listings, excluding them from automatic responses.

In addition to capturing enquiries from leading commercial portals such as Real Commercial in Australia and Rightmove Commercial in the UK, Surga Central now enables commercial agencies to streamline and automate the response process. This ensures that all valid enquiries receive timely responses within pre-determined timeframes.