Surga Central PropTech draws inspiration from the NSA

Friday 10 November 2017


Adept Business Systems has released a new edition of its Surga Central commercial proptech software.  The new release introduces a powerful new feature allowing vital email traffic between agents and key contacts to be automatically consolidated in the contact’s CRM record.


Each day, over 60 billion email messages are sent around the globe. In a typical commercial real estate transaction, lasting several weeks or months, hundreds of email messages can pass between an agent and stakeholders such as landlords, tenants and investors. Vital information contained in these messages is difficult to track and, in many cases, impossible for team members to access efficiently.


Using the new release of Surga Central, an agent can tag a key contact and, from that point on, all email traffic between the agent and that contact is consolidated in the cloud CRM.  It then becomes possible for the agent or team members to easily review and access information on-demand and deliver quality service outcomes.


“In developing this solution, we drew inspiration from the NSA. To find the needle, you need the haystack”, said Steve Clark, Adept CEO. “Until recently, most technology has relied on needing to download an email add-in on your personal computer and then relying on the agent to identify specific emails to share with others in the team”, he added.


“Our approach is different. You don’t need to download anything. Just tell Surga Central that you want to sync email and the traffic is automatically consolidated,” said Clark. “If an agent is sick or away on leave, important email from the VIP contact can be quickly identified and dealt with,” he said.


Simultaneously released in the UK and Australia, Surga Central is used by leading agencies to market, sell and lease commercial property. UK customers include Houston Lawrence, Ayers & Cruiks, Goodsir Commercial, Vokins and CF Commercial. Australian customers include CI Australia, Gross Waddell, Allard Shelton, Beller Commercial and members of the Knight Frank network.